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Evolve IP DRaaS ZT Listed on Network World’s Fave Raves

april 22, 2015 / jbrooks

It takes many tools to keep IT systems running smoothly, and tech pros have their personal favorites to keep people productive and enterprise assets running safely and efficiently. Ann Bednarz, assistant managing editor at Network World, asked 34 IT pros to share their favorite IT products.

Bringing 28+ years of IT experience to the table, Rusty Lorenzon lists Evolve IP’s DRaaS ZT as a favorite:

“We adopted Evolve IP as an update to our traditional disaster recovery strategy, which had our team using tape backups and interfacing with various DR suppliers. Evolve IP DRaaS [disaster recovery as a service] is a flexible solution with an intuitive interface that is easy to configure and use. It’s built for the VMWare hypervisor and is completely SAN agnostic, which allows us to avoid SAN vendor lock-in. We’re also able to conduct disaster recovery exercises without impacting our production environment.”

“The biggest benefit was the ability to reduce our overall recovery time objectives (RTO) from 48 hours or more to four hours or less with near real-time recovery points. We were able to do this while reducing our disaster recovery operational expenses. Additionally, our staff is lean and mean, and we’re now able to conduct a full disaster recovery exercise without leaving the office.”


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