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Sanditz Travel Management Takes Flight with Evolve IP’s Cloud Call Center Solution

december 4, 2014 / Evolve IP

80% of customer calls answered in less than 20 seconds, helping Sanditz attract new corporate customers

Today, Evolve IP™, The Cloud Services Company™ announced that Sanditz Travel Management, an American Express Travel affiliate, has implemented its cloud call center. Sanditz supports both consumers as well as business travelers, but is seeking to drive more growth in the corporate sector. To distinguish itself from well-known global travel agencies, Sanditz now showcases its exceptionally responsive customer service made possible due to a new feature-rich hosted call center from Evolve IP. Using Evolve IP’s award-winning solution in all nine branches, Sanditz has seen dramatic improvements in the service levels of its call centers, helping it land a number of key corporate accounts, including the 30,000-student University of Connecticut.

Before moving to the EvolveIP cloud-based, call center solution, Sanditz had been struggling to derive the right features, quality, and reliable service from its prior telecommunications system provider, a local Private Branch Network (PBX) company. With a premise-based system, it lacked the flexibility that a rapidly growing company like Sanditz desired to keep pace with its competition. “We had no direct access to the PBX, plus the lack of support personnel made it very difficult to make even simple changes. It could take two-to-three months to get anything done, even changing a name on a phone’s display required dozens of emails to the provider,” explained Paul DeFeo, systems manager for Sanditz. “Further, the difference in quality between the old PBX system and the Evolve IP cloud solution is like night and day. With the old PBX system, service would go down two or three times a week, calls would be dropped or interrupted mid-conversation, and reverberation forced clients to have to repeat themselves multiple times. It was a nightmare.”

Today, Evolve IP provides Sanditz’s agents with a high level of connectivity, even those working remotely. Darren DiMartino, President of 4ATC, Evolve IP’s local sales partner, noted, “It was very difficult to network external lines back to the home office with their old PBX system, so when service went down… it was down for days. With Evolve IP, if there is a service disruption at headquarters for any reason such as inclement weather, call center agents working from other branches or even their homes can easily pick up the slack. We were also able to set up call center queues to maximize staffing, so if one location is inundated by calls at any point, calls are automatically re-routed to the next available agent wherever they may be.”

Sanditz’s old PBX system also lacked modern telecomm functionality critical to its business such as call recording and custom reporting. Combined, these features have assisted Sanditz in winning new business and retaining long-term client relationships. “With Evolve IP, we can quickly produce reports that monitor whether we are meeting or exceeding client service level agreements. We also capture valuable performance data that proves helpful during large RFP processes, such as with UConn,” acknowledged DeFeo. “Another Evolve IP feature we have found helpful is the ability to record and save calls to an external drive for audio documentation. We’ve already leveraged this feature to resolve communications discrepancies.”

Sanditz also integrated Evolve IP’s OSSmosis portal to virtually monitor call center activity across the entire organization. Using OSSmosis, the management team was able to uncover the genesis of a long-standing problem: excessive wait times. Sanditz managers found that many agents were switching their headsets to “Do Not Disturb” – now, prior to switching, they are required to punch in a code allowing for additional oversight. Sanditz travel agents are now more productive and clients’ calls are answered quickly. In fact, 80 percent of all calls to Sanditz are now answered by a live person in 20 seconds or less.

Sanditz believes that it has also benefitted by its move to Evolve IP’s cloud call center through a positive impact on sales initiatives. “Evolve IP’s cloud solutions have enabled our teams to provide better, more personalized support to clients of all sizes. Now, we prioritize client calls in the queue so not only are they answered immediately, we provide reliable voice communications, and we leverage important data to justify and win more business from larger, corporate clients,” concluded DeFeo. “When competing against commercial travel agents like Orbitz, which trump us in size by an order of magnitude, being able to differentiate our company by demonstrating our responsive, one-to-one approach to clients is huge…and often makes all the difference.”



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