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april 30, 2014 / Evolve IP


Please note that the Department of Homeland Security has released an alert related to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser.

ALERT: Microsoft Internet Explorer Use-After-Free Vulnerability Guidance


The Microsoft security advisory can be found here:


What should you do?

According to the advisory, you should limit use of ANY version of Internet Explorer immediately, in favor of alternative browsers, until Microsoft provides a security update or patch.

The vulnerability may allow for malicious code to be executed on a local machine and can be invoked through web pages, emails, and Instant Messages.

Evolve IP is suggesting that our customers steer clear of using Internet Explorer if at all possible. Avoid non-business web sites. Do not click links in emails or click popups from public web sites.

Install and utilize Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if at all possible.


Special Note for XP Users:

Due to the recent end of life announcement for XP and IE 8, there is not expected to be a forthcoming patch for this vulnerability. You are advised to upgrade your operating systems as soon as possible. In the meantime, install Chrome or Firefox, and DO NOT use Internet Explorer or Outlook Express.


Evolved Office / IE 8 Users:

It is also important to note that Evolve IP no longer supports IE 8 for its web-based interfaces and applications including OSSmosis, Call Center Dashboard, Hosted Exchange (OWA), Email Security, and others. This does not mean that these applications will not work in IE 8, but we will no longer address or support compatibility and performance issues in this browser, consistent with Microsoft’s End of Life statement and our expectation of future zero-hour vulnerabilities.


Please take this vulnerability seriously. Evolve IP has consistently been warning about the dangers of using XP, in particular, for some time. As we predicted, future vulnerabilities on current version browsers (IE 9, 10, 11) can be, and now have been, reverse engineered to attack older versions and gain access to Windows XP.


If you need advice on how to handle this situation, please reach out to your Technology Advisor who can discuss alternatives to your XP environment.




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