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TMCnet Covers Evolve IP’s 2014 Survey

augustus 27, 2014 / Evolve IP

Cloud-based applications are making their way into all types of businesses. Casey Houser covers the survey and points out specific metrics and hiccups Evolve IP found within the cloud.

“The official survey announcement marks one specific metric above all others. Since it is often IT managers who are in charge of introducing, developing, deploying and maintaining cloud systems for entire companies, it is notable that 58 percent of IT managers said they believed in cloud services. That is an increase of 5 percent over the previous year, and it speaks volumes about businesses as a whole. These are the people who lead businesses from a tech perspective, and they often have a lot of say regarding which technologies to drop and which to adopt, so their collective optimism indicates a possible collective optimism for businesses as a whole.”

To read the full article, click here: Cloud Adoption Growing, Many Executives Consider Themselves ‘Cloud Believers’

To download your own copy of the Cloud of Dreams survey and infographic please click here: Cloud of Dreams Survey



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