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Email Security, Archiving and Continuity with Mimecast Unified Email Management

Despite risk awareness, many businesses are ignoring critical cyber-issues. Case in point: Although 83% of IT staff highlight email as a common attack vector, one out of 10 reports not having any kind of email security training in place.

That’s according to Mimecast’s Email Security Uncovered global research study, which also shows that while 64% regard email as a major cybersecurity threat to their business, 65% also feel ill-equipped or too out of date to reasonably defend against email-based attacks. One-third of respondents also believe email is more vulnerable today than it was five years ago.

Organizations face an ever-increasing number of threats from email-based spam, viruses and advanced threats. Email-based attacks, in particular spear phishing, remain one of the primary methods used to initiate an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack because of the complexity involved in detecting them.

How mimecast sorks

Mimecast Email Security

Mimecast is a Software-as-a-Service-based enterprise email management solution for archiving, e-discovery, continuity, security and policy enforcement. It is a single modular service that integrates with your existing IT to take care of all of your email requirements online, with no hardware, software, or capital expense and it takes just a few days to set-up. By connecting your current email systems to Mimecast, you instantly deliver unified email security, continuity and archiving.

As a Mimecast partner, Evolve IP delivers a holistic approach to email security in the form of modular unified email management (UEM) service in the cloud. We will work with you to ensure this solution helps you reduce and eliminate on-premises email storage requirements, ensure 100% complete email availability, email security and email compliance, while providing services to help you get more from your email.

Mimecast helps organizations mitigate three key risk areas:


  • Broad Spectrum Email security helps ensure optimum coverage including protection from spear-phishing or advanced persistent threats.
  • Secure messaging and large file sharing introduces the ability to send and receive secure email or large files up to 2 GB, directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Data Integrity

  • An independent, immutable and searchable backup of email data to protect against loss, corruption and malicious activity.
  • Moving operational and legacy archive stores to the cloud prior to a move to Office 365 can simplify and speed up the migration process.

Business Continuity

  • Mailbox Continuity services limit the risk associated with potential cloud service outages—backed by a 100% service-level agreement availability.
  • Maintain a business continuity plan in the cloud and avoid a single point of failure for critical email services.

Contact Evolve IP for information regarding package options and available add-on services.