Evolve IP’s Salesforce Integration

Evolve IP’s world-class hosted IP Phone System is the enterprise voice solution for users of Salesforce.com. Deliver the true value of unified communications by bringing together hosted Unified Communications (UC) and the industry’s leading CRM solution. The Salesforce.com integration provides a screen-pop with seamless contact information lookup, and automated call logging directly into your Salesforce account.

Integration between Evolve IP hosted voice services and Salesforce.com’s Sales, Service Cloud, and Desk.com ensures dramatic productivity gains using both the classic view and new Lightning UI. The seamless integration provides easy-to-use experiences for end users with click-to-dial leads and contact, automated call logging in the activity history records, contact lookups with screen pops, auto-task creation, and much more.

Why Evolve IP Salesforce Integration?

Remote and mobile users

Remote and mobile users will have calls automatically recorded into Salesforce when utilizing any soft phone on mobile devices, tablets, or laptops connected to the EvolveIP hosted phone system. Users can allow the application to record all calls directly into Salesforce.com, so their focus is on connecting with more clients rather than on performing manual record keeping.


  • Automated call logging in Activity History records for both inbound and outbound calling
  • Screen-pop with contact lookup based on caller ID with the ability to capture detailed notes can easily be updated and written directly into the Activity History record
  • Click-to-dial from leads, contacts, and any phone number listed inside the Salesforce.com application
  • Easy linking to leads, contacts, and accounts. Click a simple pop-out button to navigate from call window to any module in Salesforce.com
  • Auto-task creation in Salesforce
  • Automated wrap-up emails with link to activity history using @name
  • Call history
  • Not seeing features you want?  Additional packaged features available upon request.


  • Achieve an integrated, multi-touch sales and marketing organization by integrating activity and logging into Salesforce.com modules
  • Take advantage of Salesforce.com to create a multi-channel service desk integrated with the Evolved Call Center
  • Improve user productivity and customer satisfaction to find information in Salesforce.com faster with automated contact lookup
  • Ensure ability for remote and mobile workers to have all calls recorded against contacts and leads
  • Keep teammates and management informed with automation for seamless communication
  • Easily deploy and maintain using the Google Chrome browser
  • Provide Salesforce.com reports as the system of record for call accounting for contacts and leads