Evolved Office: UC-One

UC-One, an extension to the Evolved Office IP Phone System, delivers a unified experience for end user communication and collaboration in the office and on the road. UC-One combines secure instant messaging and presence, desk and mobile voice communication, video calling, and desktop collaboration into a single application interface that is available on Mac and Windows PCs and iOS and Android tablets and mobile phones.

Unified Communications strives to increase the likelihood that the other party will be available to receive a communication by sharing information about their availability and preferred method of communication – called “presence.”

The challenge for businesses looking to deploy UC is to integrate these multiple communication methods, equipment, and software into a seamless user experience while keeping capital expenditures and administration under control. The Evolved Office solves this challenge by offering multiple, fully-integrated UC options.

Why Use Evolved Office: UC-One?

Technology is moving fast. And so are your employees. Mobile phones, instant messaging, video calling, and screen sharing can bring employees, partners, and customers together. But, with so many different applications and platforms, delivering a true unified communications experience can be challenging… until now. UC-One delivers on the promise of corporate unified communications by providing the productivity-enhancing features your employees need in a consistent and secure environment, across platforms, to any location. As an extension to the Evolved Office IP Phone System, UC-One can be delivered without complicated integration work, and connected to your existing business phone number.

Accessible on Multiple Devices
Accessible on Multiple Devices
Video Conferencing
Multi-party Audio Conferencing
Multi-party Audio Conferencing


  • Secure Business-class Instant Messaging
  • Integrated Phone and Calendar presence
  • Audio and Video Calling using Soft Phone from Mobile and PC
  • Two-way Desktop Sharing
  • Multi-party Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Video Conference Room Integration
  • Mobile Integration (iOS and Android)
  • File Sharing
  • Visual voice-mail management
  • Find me/Follow Me
  • Corporate Directory
  • Chat and Call History
  • Call Center and Call Recording Controls


  • Leverage the award-winning Evolve IP platform, built on world-class technologies, for application availability.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft O/S, Apple O/S, iOS, and Android Platforms.
  • No complex hardware and software licensing costs.
  • Simply managed via the award-winning OSSmosis portal.
  • Integration with MS Outlook.
  • Features and upgrades  pushed to the application as they become available.
  • Consistent experience across all platforms – desktop and mobile.
  • Eliminate the sprawl of unsupported communications applications in your network (FaceTime, Instant Messaging, Google Talk) by providing a consistent, business-class approach to mobile communications.
  • Backed by Evolve IP’s SOC-2 audited datacenter
  • Data is backed up in secondary datacenter

Use Cases - Who Benefits from UC-One?

  • Businesses looking to add integrated phone and calendar presence to their instant messaging, as well as security and logging in adherence to corporate policies.
  • Businesses that are turning toward integrated applications to enable the increasing amount of teleworkers to easily communicate using voice and video calling applications.
  • Businesses that don’t want to manage servers, complex licensing, and annual agreement costs take advantage of the cloud-based UC-One and its fixed monthly costs.
  • Businesses seeking a way to accommodate corporate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies by delivering applications for Windows, Apple, iOS, and Android platforms.
  • Businesses looking to  quickly and easily scale by adding users on demand, as well as stay current with features as they become available for upgrade.

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